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    Order Process


    Flyboy Toys will lead you through the design process to ensure your products are perfect!

    Place an order for a custom design and submit details of your request.  One of our team members will pick up the order and reach out to confirm details of the order or send a proof for approval.

    Get Started Now

    For airplanes, we will search your N# for current photos to use in matching colors and/or request you send photos.

    You may order Products at this point as well. We won't print them until you approve the design.

    Search our collection of existing designs for ideas and examples of our work. Reference the DESIGN ID in your custom request or order.

    Get Inspired

    Search our collection of airplanes, autos, and other designs for the best match. We can change colors, text, or combine designs (themes + airplane). 

    Can't find a match or have a new request?  Request a custom design or contact us and we're happy help.

    For prior orders, try searching using your N# or inquire with us. We save all custom designs and often list them back to our website (unless requested otherwise).

    Search our collection of existing themes.

    Get Creative

    This optional step allows you to get creative and cobmine your custom graphic with one of our fun themes.

    Got an idea for a new theme? Let us know.

    We know visualizing the final product can be hard. Don't worry, we'll send you a proof for review and approval before printing.

    Choose from a variety of products such as unisex tees, sweatshirts, mugs, signs & more. Select the exact color and size combinations you’d like to order.

    0-3 Days

    We do basic color changes (red to blue), typically within hours.  More complicated design changes and new requests, which require a professional artist, take longer.

    Most designs are ready within 24 hours. Weekends and holidays may take longer.

    Choose from a variety of products such as unisex tees, sweatshirts, mugs, signs & more. Select the exact color and size combinations you’d like to order.

    When You're Ready

    Ordering custom products can be difficult.  We're here to help. Simply email us what you would like and we'll create a custom invoice for you.

    Most products are delivered within 5-7 days of from this point.  Holidays excluded.

    *Never send Credit Card information via email. 


    We will send proofs of the design changes for your review and approval.

    Ready When You Are

    Feel free to request small text or color changes. We'll work with you until it's perfect.

    We're quick to respond, so this process is usually on your timeline.


    Your order is sent to one or more of our fulfillment centers for printing and shipping.

    2-10 Days

    Production times vary based on the product and fulfillment center used.  Most orders are printed within 2-4 days. Weekends and holidays excluded.

    Your products are packaged and shipped.

    3-7 Days

    Product may be from different locations, at different intervals, via different methods. We have limited control over the shipping method used, but we always request the fastest method. You will receive a tracking number for each shipment.


    Your one-of-a-kind, custom products arrive, ready to be worn and loved <3


    Congratulations, you've received your custom products! While we strive for perfection, there are a lot of people involved in this process and from time-to-time, errors do occur. If there are any problems with your product, please email a photo and description of the issue. We'll work with our fulfillment centers to correct the problem and replacements as quickly as possible.

    Our goal is to make your custom order a breeze and exceed your expectations. 

    Ready To Get Started?